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Is the Cockapoo the Right Breed for you?

  • Moderate Maintenance: Grooming should be performed regularly to keep its fur in good shape. Occasional trimming or stripping needed.

  • Minimal Shedding: This dog will shed a negligible amount. Recommended for owners who do not want to deal with dog hair in their cars and homes.

  • Moderately Easy Training: Training won’t require too much attention and effort, though it won’t be easier than other breeds. Expect results to come gradually.

  • Good Watchdog Ability: This dog will bark and alert its owners when an intruder is present.

  • Medium Adaptability: It needs regular exercise for apartment living and does not need a yard. This breed is able to handle most types of hot and cold weather.

  • Fairly Active: It will need regular exercise to maintain its fitness. Trips to the dog park are a great idea.

  • Good with Kids: This wonderful breed for kids is known to be playful, energetic, and affectionate around them. It is also shy towards other pets and very friendly towards strangers.